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  • Canton fair

    Booth: 18.2 E45-46    Booth: 16.2E14-15


  • What are the functions and uses of air compressors

    Function and use of air compressor: The main function of the air compressor is to provide the gas needed in the production process. It has a wide range of uses, the more common ones are: 1. As aerodynamics, such as pneumatic tools, pneumatic wrenches, and pneumatic picks. 2, in the textile industry to replace the role of the shuttle. 3. It is used for bottling or pipeline gas transportation, such as remote transportation of natural gas, bottling of chlorine gas or carbon dioxide. 4. It is u...


  • The 24th Essen Weldig & Cutting Fair

    The 24th Essen Weldig & Cutting fair Date: June.25-28,2019 Shanghai new international Expo center Booth: W2208


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